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Chapters - Volume 1 & 2

A black and white drawing of the phi symbol.

History of Psychology through Symbols

Volume 1 Chapter 1

The Axial Age: The Age of Psychological Transformation.

Symbols of the Axial Age

Volume 1 Chapter 2

A black and white drawing of the ancient greek gods.

Symbols of the Greek Era

Volume 1 Chapter 3

St thomas aquinas, st thomas aquinas, s.

Symbols of the Hellenistic, Christian, and Islamic Eras

Volume 1 Chapter 4

A black and white image of a group of men in a circle.

Symbols of Psychological Rebirth during the Renaissance, the Scientific Revolution, and the Enlightenment

Volume 1 Chapter 5

A black and white photo of a group of people in a circle.

The Symbols of the History of Mental Illness

Volume 1 Chapter 6

Psychologists in Voluntarism, Structuralism, Functionalism, Pragmatism, Eugenics and Clinical Psychology

Symbols of the Birth of Modern Psychology

Volume 2 Chapter 1

Symbols of Freudian and Relational Psychoanalysis

Volume 2 Chapter 2

A collage of people in squares.

The World of Symbol – Jungian Analytical Psychology

Volume 2 Chapter 3

A collage of several men.

Symbols of Behaviorism, Neobehaviorism, and Cognitive Behavioral Psychology

Volume 2 Chapter 4

A collage of men in black and white.

Symbols of Humanistic-Existential Psychology

Volume 2 Chapter 5

A group of people in a graphic design.

Symbols of Transpersonal Psychology – A Return to the Axial Age and Beyond

Volume 2 Chapter 6