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  1. How the Four Forces of Psychology can Change Your Life.
    (psychodynamic, behavioral, humanisitic-existential, and transpersonal psychology)
  2. Time for radical reform of the Mental health System.
  3. The Psychedelic Revolution in Mental Health and Drug and Alcohol Care
  4. Let the Symbols Speak – Highlights of the 250 book Symbols.
  5. Psychology and Modern Science.
  6. Engage Symbols to Revitalize Daily Living.
  7. Mindfulness Meditation and the Axial Age (800 -200 BCE).
  8. Christian Symbolism.
  9. Sigmund Freud and the Atomic Bomb.
  10. Carl Jung, a Modern Icon.
  11. Timothy Leary – The Problematic Visionary.
  12. The Existential Challenge – The 4 Givens of Human Existence.
    (Loss of Freedom, Death, Isolation, Meaninglessness)
  13. The Darianian Revolution and the Eugenic Movement.
  14. How to Live History on a Daily Basis.