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Fig 6.8 – Integral Yoga Psychology

Text: Page 304

Sri Aurobindo believed there are two major streams of spirituality in the world: namely, the personal divine of mainstream Christianity, Judaism, and Islam and the impersonal divine of Buddhism, Advaita Vedanta, and Daoism. The problem is that most spiritual traditions stop at one and become competitive for the best spiritual path, unaware that both the personal and impersonal divine are important and can exist together. But as consciousness evolved, there has been a movement toward the riches of an inward world of peace, love, and bliss. Through yoga, the evolution of consciousness was accelerated; hence, his famous phrase, all life is yoga, which was the subtitle of his masterwork, Synthesis of Yoga.

Integral Yoga Psychology is an integration of the four levels of consciousness. The outer consciousness contains the body, heart, and mind, which, until the development of transpersonal psychology, has been the primary focus of Western psychology. The second level is the inner being, which is greater awareness of the body, heart, and mind through experiences of chakra energies. During the third level, true being, the body, heart, and mind are confronted with a mixture of the light and demonic energies that require connection to Atman, the impersonal divine. The fourth level is central being, when the personal and impersonal divine become integrated. The personal divine is the experience of the unique soul that develops over a period of many lifetimes and prepares to reincarnate so that the evolution of consciousness can continue.

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