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Fig 6.13-Transcendental Meditation

Text: Page 315

Transcendental Meditation™ is a silent, mantra-based meditation of the transcendental movement. The transcendental movement was founded in India in the 1950s by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, which developed into an international conglomerate of programs and organizations that promote the TM technique. TM movement is a corporate powerhouse with teaching centers, schools, universities, and medical centers.

Understanding the American ambivalence toward religion, especially Eastern religions, the TM movement has avoided discussion about the Vedic foundation in TM. To calm Western fears, TM has often claimed it is a non-religious practice for relaxation, stress reduction, and psychological development. However, many TM meditators connect their mantras to the sacred sound and spiritual Hindu symbols Aum or Om, often unaware Aum or Om signifies the essence of Ultimate Reality, the connection to Atman, the individual soul, and Brahman, the creator, and ultimate reality of the universe.

Aside from the religious controversies and research criticisms, TM provides a transpersonal experience to millions of people every day. TM practitioners are modern symbols of the Hindu practitioners who carry the truths of Vedic texts and the Hindu meditation practices rooted in the Axial Age.

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