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Fig 6.12 – Kundalini Yoga

Text: Page 312

Kundalini yoga is rooted in the belief that a form of divine feminine energy is symbolically like a snake located at the base of the spine until it is activated by yoga practice. When activated, the energy travels like a snake through the chakras, which contain all the potentialities of being fully human. The most important chakras are along the spinal cord, behind the head and at the crown of the head. The chakras first emerged within the Hindu Vedas, which believed that human life exists simultaneously in two parallel dimensions. One dimension is the physical body, and the other dimension is the “subtle body.” The subtle body consists of kundalini energy channels connected by nodes called chakras, which, through meditation, are a constant means toward psychological and spiritual transformation. The practice of Kundalini yoga consists of body postures, breathing, symbolic visualizations, and mantras. These practices manipulate the flow of kundalini energy through the chakras to the crown chakra which awakens the snake to the Divine and the highest form of psychological and spiritual development.

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