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Fig 6.1 – Inner Space

Text: Pages 287 and 288

The symbol connects Volume I, Chapter 2, with the final Volume II, Chapter 6, the text coming full circle since many transpersonal psychologists have been inspired by the Hindu and Buddhist concept of samsara, the cyclicality of all life, the belief that all living beings go through birth, death, and rebirth experiences; that a person continues to be born and reborn in various realms and forms, which creates the opportunity for moksha, the emancipation from the cyclicality of death and rebirth and the development of a truly awakened and enlightened human being.

The inaugural publication of The Journal of Transpersonal Psychology occurred in 1969 and it did not go unnoticed in the transpersonal movement that 1969 was the year that the first human walked on the moon, and when Apollo 11 astronaut Neil Armstrong said upon landing: “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind,” this was not just an historic technological achievement, it symbolized the opportunity for humanity to also explore the unexplored world of inner space.

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