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Fig 5.3 – Hair the Musical

Text: Page 234

The musical Hair was a symbol of the 1960s American cultural revolution. Because of the humanistic and existential questions raised by Hair, its message resonates into the twenty-first century. The musical showed how the hippie rebellion and the sexual revolution permeated all aspects of American culture. Hair raised many of the existential questions facing a changing American culture. Was the Vietnam War a war of liberation or an imperialistic war of colonialism and hegemony? Were illegal drugs really that dangerous? Why was nudity so controversial? What impact was the sexual revolution having on the relationship between men and women? Do the clothes worn, and the length of hair really matter? Was religion relevant anymore? What happens when friendships become politicized? Was the goal of a peaceful “Age of Aquarius” world realistic or possible? Does the system always “win”?

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