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Fig 4.2 – Marketing

Text: Page 186

Watson became a leading figure in what became known as market research. Watsonian psychology set an example of the manipulation and the power of symbol to connect at an unconscious level. When Watson blindfolded smokers and discovered their inability to find any difference in cigarette brands; he realized it was not the actual product that was important, but the symbol attached to the product that was the key to marketing goods to the public.

In Highlights of Dr. John B. Watson’s Career in Advertising, Charles Larson explained how Watson increased profits for so many companies, including Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder, Pebeco Toothpaste, Maxwell House Coffee, and many other products. Watson became vice president of William Etsy Advertising until his retirement at 67, after procuring substantial personal wealth. The principles of Watsonian behaviorism and market research continue to support American capitalism.

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