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Fig 2.8 – Hypnos Myth

Test: Page 64

Hypnos in Greek word means “sleep,” He was a primordial deity in Greek mythology, a symbol of sleep who lived in a cave in the underworld where there was no light, the front of the cave full of poppies and sleep-inducing plants. Hypnos is notorious in Greek mythology for his power to trick Zeus into sleep, which resulted from Hera’s revenge for the ransacking by Heracles of Troy and for the Greek victory in the Trojan War. Hypnos was a powerful god because during sleep, which made up a large part of human life, he made it possible for humans to feel peaceful and avoid human suffering. Hypnos is a perfect for symbol for the power of hypnosis because, like the “trickery” of Hypnos to lead Zeus into the underworld, the hypnotherapist leads the client into the unconscious underworld of “forgetfulness” where there is both relief from, and understanding of, human suffering.

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