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Fig 1.9 – Swastika

Text: Page 18

Historically, the swastika has been one of the most powerful symbols in human history, whether it was on the Greek monument to honor the Greek goddess Artemis or as a powerful Hindu spiritual symbol. it was a positive symbol, meaning spiritual enlightenment. Representing good fortune, it appeared as symbols on many American products, such as Coca-Cola, Boy Scout hats, and Girl Scout materials, and even on American military uniforms. The swastika remains widely used in Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism.

However, the swastika has come to represent scientific racism; the eugenic theory of racial hygiene to cleanse society of races that are perceived to degrade the genetic fabric of a dominant racial culture. Hitler, in his hatred of communism, wanted a powerful counter symbol to the communist hammer and sickle. By politicizing the swastika, he forever reduced the swastika to its shadow side and made it a symbol of racial hatred, white supremacy, and diabolic philosophy.

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