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Fig 1.19 – Symbolic Home

Pages 41 and 42

Like psychology, the building is complex, with many interesting rooms Some rooms are more complete than others. The most completed rooms were designed by empiricists and behaviorists. Treatment rooms are being remodeled by the psychoanalysts and Jungians. A new addition is in the process of being built by the humanists and existentialists because they were only recently added to the complex. Architectural plans for transpersonal psychology are in the planning stage. A big living room is being designed to bring everyone together to celebrate the diversity of this big, diverse family. The problem is that no one can agree on how the room should look or who should decide its final design. It appears the jury is still out on where it is located, comfortably situated by a university, where everyone can enjoy the stimulating, but often isolated, world of academia or in downtown in the middle of a community where the inhabitants are actively involved in utilizing psychological knowledge to solve community problems or maybe the complex borders by both locations.

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