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Fig 1.10 – Eugenics

Text: Pages 19-20

As “scientists” explored the implications of the evolution revolution, science would again neglect the shadow by providing research findings in support of eugenics, which would have a horrific impact on the most vulnerable people in society. The so-called scientific theories of Galton and other eugenicists had an extremely negative affect on the treatment of the most vulnerable in the United States. From 1850 until 1919, asylums grew from 30,000 to 300,000. The eugenics movement came to a climax when, in 1927, Carrie Buck, diagnosed as “feebleminded challenged a sterilization law in Virginia. Buck fought the diagnosis all the way to the Supreme Court. By a ruling of 8–1 the Supreme Court ruled that the state of Virginia had the right to forcibly sterilize a person they deemed unfit to procreate. By 1945, over 45,000 individuals with mental illness were sterilized.

There was no stronger proponent of implementing eugenics than Adolph Hitler. Hitler utilized the popular American and European theory to destroy any veneer of societal civility and became the barbarian that Darwin feared. In Mein Kampf: My Struggle, Hitler hailed eugenics, arguing that the destruction of the weak was more humane than their protection. In fact, destroying the weak would purify society for the strong and return the German race to its racially superior Aryan roots. Hitler first “practiced” the effectiveness of the gas chambers on individuals with mental illness. In the early 1940s, over 40,000 individuals were murdered by Hitler in the name of eugenics.

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