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Fig 4.16 – The Call to Prayer

Text: Page 147

The Call to Prayer gives spiritual and psychological meaning to each part of the day symbolized by stopping during important times of the day to acknowledge a connection to the spiritual world. The word Muslim in Arabic means “to submit.” A Muslim makes a commitment to a life of submission to the will of God through a Call to Prayer five times a day. This experience is communal whether the prayer occurs on an individual prayer rug or in a mosque, The experience creates a feeling of deep connection to others and a feeling of being part of something greater beyond individual ego strivings.

The Morning Prayer recognizes that connection to the spiritual world begins by cleansing the body before the day begins. The Noon Prayer provides a break from the day to seek spiritual guidance about work and daily living. The Afternoon Prayer seeks to find the broader meaning of life. The Evening Prayer is a reminder of the ongoing presence of God as the day comes to an end. The Night Prayer is a time to “let go of the day,” to psychologically prepare for sleep, and to remember that the presence of a God always provides guidance, mercy, and forgiveness.

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