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Fig 3.4 – Modern Gaia

Text: Page 90

The symbol of Gaia is relevant to a modern, struggling world because of the physical deterioration of the planet. There is a psychological impact of not attending to Mother Earth, to climate change, and clinging to the belief that the natural world exists to serve humanity, not humanity in service to the natural world for its own preservation. The modern Gaia represents the symbol of power as she holds a whole world consumed by the COVID-19 virus, symbolizing humanity’s interconnection. Why did Gaia abandon humanity, and with the natural world in crisis, what will it take for her return and guidance? Since Gaia created not only a beautiful, natural world, she also left the Olympian gods in charge, which proved problematic. Because modern science struggles to protect the beautiful world Gaia created, what role might “gods” and spirituality play in Gaia’s return?

This contemporary depiction of Gaia symbolizes the potency of symbolism, portraying her cradling a world besieged by the COVID-19 virus, emblematic of the interconnectedness of humanity. Her ailing appearance diverges from the typical portrayal of a robust, lush Gaia, serving as a poignant reminder of our planet’s urgent need for care and assistance.

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