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Fig 3.2 – Self Examination

Text: Page 84

The Unexamined Life is Not Worth Living – Socrates

Beyond the pre-Socratic philosophers, the Classical Greek philosophers created a philosophy beyond the structure of nature that included universal truths to guide the lives of the Athenian people, which inspired modern psychological movements. Whether in mythology or philosophy, Greek philosophers emphasized the importance of the soul. Psychology, psyche, meaning “soul” in Greek, carries the sacred responsibility of exploring the deeper meaning of mental processes and existence. Because of the wisdom of the Greek philosophers, great thinkers throughout history in all fields have turned to Greek philosophy for understanding and guidance.

The depiction of Socrates’ death remains etched in the Western consciousness, portraying him proudly holding the poisoned cup as he stood by his philosophical convictions. It’s believed that Socrates aimed to teach his disciples not to fear death, especially if it meant compromising their principles in the face of a morally corrupt society. He assured his followers that while his body would perish, his soul would endure for eternity.

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