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Fig 2.6 – Samsara

Text: Page 38

Samsara, a Sanskrit term signifying “to wander” or “to flow through,” holds profound significance in Hinduism as the enduring cycle of death and rebirth. It is shaped by an individual’s karmic deeds and thoughts across their present and past lives. Furthermore, Samsara embodies the lack of awareness of atman (the true self) and Brahman (absolute reality). The realization of atman is pivotal for attaining moksa (liberation), which is considered the ultimate accomplishment for any being. Moksa, in turn, leads to the cessation of samsara. Samsara is also synonymous with worldly existence, representing a perpetual state of flux on an unending wheel—a contrast to the eternal and unwavering nature of atman, moksa, and absolute reality.

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