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Fig 2.1 – Axial Age Sages

Text: Page 25

The sages of the Axial Age had reverence for knowledge that precluded final answers. In The Origin and Goal of History, Jaspers (1953/2010) argued there was one single origin and goal of civilization that unites all humanity, but it is still unknown and remains a mystery to be discovered. The goal of the Axial Age was not to find a dogma that explained the world; rather the goal was to find oneself in relation to the universal human experience that transcended dogmas of any kind because true knowledge was never “second hand” and occurs from asking the right questions. In fact, the Axial Age ends when the dogmatic followers of the sages imposed rigid belief systems. The Axial Age sages were more concerned about how you lived rather than what you believed. First and foremost, it was most important that sages live and model a life of humility, morality, ethics, and compassion. Axial Age sages believed their knowledge was at best flawed, and at worst, useless and dangerous.

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