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Fig 1.0 – Battle between Good and Evil

Axial Age

The elements in each block of the collage are on a black background. The details of the collage are as follows. The block in the center features a vintage Trident symbol. The other blacks surround the center block. The block labeled shadow features the silhouette of a woman’s face with its shadow. The block labeled humanism features a Buddha on a tiered platform.

The block labeled Psychedelics features random mushroom-like forms. The block labeled Skinner features B. F. Skinner. The block labeled Rorschach features the inkblot form of the first of the cards in the Rorschach test. The block labeled Jung Freud features Carl Jung and Sigmond Freud. The block labeled spirituality features different religious symbols around a spiral vector.

The symbols are a nine-pointed star, wheel of Dharma, Christian Cross, Confucius, Om, Crescent and Star, Ahimsa, Menorah, Medicine Wheel of native spirituality, Khanda, Yin and Yang, Flaming Chalice, and Faravahar.

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