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Fig 1.1 – Natural Sciences

Text: Page 5

The natural science symbol is rooted in the Axial Age Greek Theogony, a poem, an organized narrative by Hesiod (770–600 BCE), a myth that tells how the natural world came into existence and how the Greek gods established permanent control over the natural world. As many scientists believe today, the initial state of the universe was chaos, a dark void considered a primordial condition from which the natural world emerged. The Theogonies are part of Greek mythology that seek to articulate a universal reality, the universalizing impulse of the natural world.

Those that follow the natural sciences view the natural world as a separate object of human knowledge, a third-person understanding. The hope is that the “natural science” gods can provide objective and technical information about the natural world symbolized by a “black hole” that radiates physical life, chaos, but still in darkness waiting for the natural scientists to explain its origin.

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